I troldens fodspor (3/3) (24-02-2013)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Søborg Sø (1945)
Distance: 5.97 km
Tid: 35:19
Last part of run, I see a few guys before me and can push, Was number 10 at post 20, overtake 3 people, end up 7th. Bit more concentration and 5th place would have been possible. But fine time. Drive back to the start from Søborg is nice, just how to get out of the car 10 minutes later? A well known stiffness problem, warmup AND cooldown!
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I troldens fodspor (3/3) (24-02-2013) I troldens fodspor (3/3) (24-02-2013)