MLS Individual Championships (20-02-2013)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Long Valley South
Arrangør: SNOC, BAOC
Land: England
Distance: 11.44 km
Tid: 79:26
4-5 I do not push hard enough through the muddy ground, forget to speed up afterwards. At 7 I follow the ditch, but can't see the control (it is behind a tree/bush), so Ithink I am too far east, and try the wettish area to the west, which is a ditch as well. 1.5 minutes. To 11 I get too far south. To 13 I follow a bunch of runners, who all (including me) get too far north, afterwards I run past 14 and get confused, think I got too far south and relocate to the path split further north, confuse hills and depressions...costs 4 minutes. Rest ok, but progressively tired (there are not soo many Danish maps woth 300 m climb). All in all 22nd of 45, maybe 10 minutes mistakes.
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MLS Individual Championships (20-02-2013) MLS Individual Championships (20-02-2013)