VTR (17-02-2013)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Vemmetofte Strandskov
Arrangør: Køge OK
Land: Denmark
Disciplin: Jumpng trenches
Distance: 9.48 km
Tid: 81:40
Goodpoint: In reality the forest was as white as the map. The course avoided usage of pathes very much. To 2 I think I seethe open, which was the fenced in area. The open at 2 was not very open. On the way to 4 I miss the branching off of the trench (colors). So a wee extra loop To 9 I think I am further north. 13 I pass without seeing the kite. To 18 is a bit bingo, there are more trenches in the forrest. 20 is a huge stone.Lets say water feature to the east (4 minutes) is not necesarily crossable, while the stone is not necessarily a stone, but in the opposite sense.Slow running and heavy wet ground.
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VTR  (17-02-2013) VTR  (17-02-2013)