Natcup 23-01-2013 (23-01-2013)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Jonstrup Vang
Arrangør: Ballerup OK
Land: Denmark
Disciplin: Night O
Distance: 7.3 km
Tid: 51:35
OK run. Start a bit to fast to really follow the map. Wrong direction from 2 and a bit of confusion on arrival at 12, but find out quickly that we have not crossed the east west path. Pathes generally difficult to see, a few rides are not on the map and snow makes it difficult to see pathes. 4-5 I thought I was more to the south that the GPS track indicates. 5-6 benefits from yesterday's compass training. 6-7: Maybe a bit time to save by running over the hill. 10-11 I ge to far north, I tend to hold a bit to the right on compass courses. 11-12 I loose a bit on John Tripax, as I think we have already passed the lake. Rest OK. Maybe 4 mins of mistakes in total, what is still too much. Running along roads might have saved a bit extra, f.x. legs 7-8 or 15-16.
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Natcup 23-01-2013 (23-01-2013) Natcup 23-01-2013 (23-01-2013)