Nytaarstafet 2013 (13-01-2013)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Rørvig Sandflugtsplantage
Land: Denmark
Disciplin: Stafetløb
Etape: 1
Distance: 7.6 km
Tid: 43:21
Fast run. GPS watch in trouser due to broken wristband, thus strange jumps in GPS position, specifically at the start. To 8 I let myself get dragges in one road to early. 2 minutes. At 12, I seek for a depression, before noting that it is the hill 1 minute. 16 I want to run a shorter leg, get too far south plus running is slow. 2 minutes. To 19 I get too far north (rather exactly to where I have been before, what I do not notice during the run...another minute goes. In total 7 minutes.....otherwise nice to at least be able to keep speed. Træning, træning, træning.....(efter Mogens)
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Nytaarstafet 2013 (13-01-2013) Nytaarstafet 2013 (13-01-2013)