Natcup 29-11-2012 (28-11-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Jægersborg Hegn
Arrangør: Sollerød
Land: Denmark
Disciplin: Night O
Distance: 6.4 km
Tid: 52:50
In principle nice conditions to run. Not as open as other runners had described it. Use new lights and am unsure if it won't start raining, so run with rain-screen. Vegetation boundaries from the open are confusing. Compass drags to the left and so I run the third loop backwards, identify the wrong wet area at 8 and loooose 5 mins. 20 is further to the north than on the map, Thus I also am dragged to an opening and run across to 21 too early, In my mind the path should have long been visible. But that might not be so bad a routechoice. Rest ok. At 23 I loose the light and rain-shield, takes me two minutes to get things sorted again. Fun run, to small loops, maybe one could have used a bit more of the map. Running ok, Compass handling needs checking.
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Natcup 29-11-2012 (28-11-2012) Natcup 29-11-2012 (28-11-2012)