Natkup 14.11.2012 (14-11-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Tokkekøb Hegn
Distance: 7.78 km
Tid: 69:00
Plain awful.Got completely confused by a slooowly rotating compass, which lets me run out a few times in random directions. Humididty helps not really to improve vision, in the later phases of the run I thus stop for longer times to let the compass settle and the glasses defog. Everywhere I want to run, the organisers have put masses of fallen trees right across. So, all in all I spend ages. So, this as an exercise of where I think I have been to what gps says. GPS is right, I am wrong ;-)
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Natkup 14.11.2012 (14-11-2012) Natkup 14.11.2012 (14-11-2012)