Jættemilen 2012 Bane 2 Part 1 (11-11-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Danstrup Krogenborg Hegn
Arrangør: ok73
Land: Denmark
Distance: 13.49 km
Tid: 97:33
Fine course. Up to 9 all after plan. To 10 I get too far north, before I read into the map, I have made a minute or so loss. To 16 than distaster strikes, Afraid to run to close to the forbidden area I press through the forest, and happily get out at a water post. Unfortunately I here think I don't ned to check the postnumber. Always check the post number! Especially when you are on a 2.5 h run. Always! Feels strnge to run out, And I hve to correct to the south to get to 17 (a bit distracted by another post in a depression. To 21 no remarks, only that now I notice the stupid mistake I made, when I come to 21. Standing around a bit I think about strategies and decide that I do not want to rerun the loop. (20 minutes extra). So, with a bit less motivation I continue. To 27 I manage to get into a dense, wet swamp with many fallen trees. Would have been better to go around. So we continue to page 2.....
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Jættemilen 2012 Bane 2 Part 1 (11-11-2012) Jættemilen 2012 Bane 2 Part 1 (11-11-2012)