Nytårstafet Åben Bane 3 (04-11-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Kongsøre 1938
Arrangør: Bjørn
Land: Denmark
Distance: 8.99 km
Tid: 71:32
Nice run on an old map. So, what is on the map, what has changed? This tremendeously confuses me at 2, I now think that only hillgraves with posts are on teh map (There is a post just on the hillgrave upper left of the number 17, from where I take aim to post 16. Once one gets used to the map and notices what ditches are on the map etc. it is rather fun to ignore vegetation boundaries, see small holes (and ignore). Good training for concentrating on teh most important and to believe that after some pushing one will get somewhere. Also nice to get used to set the speed down on approach to whatever one believes the controlpost is on. SI did not work well, as at the NatCup, it now completely garbles times up (stares post 6 as post 2 and post 2 at post 14 etc. Guess I need a new one.
Btw between 14 and 15 there is more of a lake, that forces the little deviation.....
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Nytårstafet Åben Bane 3 (04-11-2012) Nytårstafet Åben Bane 3 (04-11-2012)