Natcup 31-10-2012 (31-10-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Stenholt Vang
Arrangør: FIF Hillerød
Land: Denmark
Disciplin: Night O
Distance: 7.61 km
Tid: 54:54
First NatCup in 2012. Good run, saty always with the train.Make a wrong routechoice to 3 as I want avoid running through dense stuff. So I approach the control through the (it shows rough to run) open instead along the ditch. 6-7 feels looong. Pushing, but I believe that the road would have been the faster route. To 14 I go away from the path, encircle the control without seeing it and loose a minute with this. Rest ok and fun. Good weather, not wet. Under an hour 9 min/km, fine for me in the night.
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Natcup 31-10-2012 (31-10-2012) Natcup 31-10-2012 (31-10-2012)