Falkdrevet Søndag (30-09-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Ekeberg Damstorp
Arrangør: OK Skogsfalken
Land: Sweden
Distance: 5.08 km
Tid: 42:55
Better than Saturday, but slowish compared to the winner (43 mins vs. 28 mins). Post 1 was closer to the open, which I think had been widened to refurbish the TV mast. That made me a bit over cautious. 6 was a bit hidden, Approach to 10 I originally planned to take the rie further south, running along gardens is rubbish. 11 I was a bit confusd by vegetation. Else ok.
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Falkdrevet  Søndag (30-09-2012) Falkdrevet  Søndag (30-09-2012)