Divisionsmatch Nyrup Hegn Bane 2A (19-08-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Nyrup Hegn
Land: DK
Distance: 8.91 km
Tid: 75:31
Bit unsecure to 1, green areas difficult to see. To 10 I search at the depression at the path first (after having crossed a couple of tractor tracks). A lot of stuff on the ground leads to the strange route to 11. I get too far north leaving 12, see the two hills and use them. Pathes could have been faster. To 14 I get to far west in search of a place to get to the control.To 15 I think the road is the faster choice, running across from 4-5 took similar time 4:26 as the 14-15 (6:11). To16 is slow, high vegetation makes the small hill difficult to see. 21 I pass without seeing it, when I find it it is the kite I find, not the feature, which I believe is largely absent. Unsecure to 22. About 5 mins of mistakes and some minutes for not pushing enough being insecure after thursdays rainforest experience.
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Divisionsmatch Nyrup Hegn Bane 2A (19-08-2012) Divisionsmatch Nyrup Hegn Bane 2A (19-08-2012)