Boserupløb 2-06-2012 (02-06-2012)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: Boserup
Arrangør: OKR
Land: Denmark
Distance: 8.7 km
Tid: 48:39
GPS signal is not yet there to post 1, but same routechoice as Janne.Try to run at constant speed and no compass. 5 to 6 I would usually take the route to the east. 9 to 10 maybe more direct, but without compass there is not too much to read. 12 to 13 I get too far north and then do not see the vegetation change, so I turn in too late, High vegetation makes the depression hard to see.
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Boserupløb 2-06-2012 (02-06-2012) Boserupløb 2-06-2012 (02-06-2012)