SM Stafet 20 05 2012 (20-05-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Store Dyrehave
Arrangør: FIF
Land: Denmark
Disciplin: Relay
Etape: 3
Distance: 8.94 km
Tid: 66:56
OK run, warm weather. Make a mistake to 5, where I should have approached the control from the high seat through the rough open, but was somehow fixed on trying to approach through the dense green, what is and showed to be a rather bad idea, Insecure towards 6 and 7. At 8 I think I am down in the reentrant, but am already north of the control. Rest OKish. Running could have been better and again after the mistake at 5 I do not regain the same speed as before and stay roughly 30 secs per km below.
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SM Stafet 20 05 2012 (20-05-2012) SM Stafet 20 05 2012 (20-05-2012)