SM Lang 2012 (13-05-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Rude Skov
Arrangør: Sollerød OK
Land: Danmark
Distance: 14 km
Tid: 102:44
Nice weather, a fine day. Careful to one but get in too early. To 10 I am on the path too far to the east, want to go to the lake originally. Then want to take the control from the northwest corner of the fence, but can't see the post, takes 6 mins of searching. To 13 I want to approach the control from the little wet area no the north east. Get completely confused in the dense area with alot of fallen trees. Take a littel excursion to the north to appraoch again and finally discover the post close to were I was before. So I take the long way to 14 to cool off. 15 and 16 in dense areas with some felling. Difficult to read the map there. Running ok, get tired after 13 and never recover the speed i had before the mistake (1min per km slower on average) 20 mins spend on three mistakes. Some room for improvement.
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SM Lang 2012 (13-05-2012) SM Lang 2012 (13-05-2012)