Kredsløb (28-04-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gribskov Duemose
Arrangør: Hillerød IF
Land: Denmark
Distance: 12.47 km
Tid: 88:47
Nice forest, feels good to run. Run with old glasses and have a bit problems in seeing map details :-(. 7 I take too far south and then to 8 I run towards nine and get confused. To 12 I do not notice that I am more north then east, think I should have hit the path, when I run parallel to it. Northern routechoice must have been faster. Leaving 15 I at some point decide that I have already passed 16, It feels like a long way to the OKish. Insecure to 20, avoiding wet area to 24.
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Kredsløb (28-04-2012) Kredsløb (28-04-2012)