Divisionsmatch 21-04-2012 (21-04-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Oustrup
Land: Denmark
Distance: 8.42 km
Tid: 55:16
Fast forest and sunny weather, not soo many route choices, absolutely no contours, only dykes, paths and vegetation changes. For after a bad cold ok running (not so many red points setting the color-range to (2 min/km :10 min/km). Unsecure to 1, I am too far south and not absolutely sure where I enter the forest again after crossing the road (+2 min). Same to 5, I think now I am further south, wait to hit the dug out area, when I notice that I have passed it nearly (+2 min). At 13 the GPS track shows that I was literally standing on the control, but not seeing it (nice to see that I actually slowed down on approaching the presumed control position). So I make an extra loop and see it on approach from the other side. :-(, goes another 2 mins. At 14 I meet Amalie, who is a couple of seconds behind me, on 17 I make a 20 seconds mistake and get 20 m too far south, enough time to not be able to catch Amalie on the way to the finish.
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Divisionsmatch 21-04-2012 (21-04-2012) Divisionsmatch 21-04-2012 (21-04-2012)