Påskeløb2012-Dag3 (07-04-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Rømø Midtland
Arrangør: HTF
Land: Denmark
Distance: 11.76 km
Tid: 95:16
Slow running, mess up at 2, get distracted by people happily finding a control while running up to 5, then overcompensate for my little excursion to the north. 10-13, very careful, bingo-like. To 14 it would have been better to run directly along the open to the path, but I see the little wet area I use to enter the forest first when I am on the road. At 19 I just do not see the post....
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Påskeløb2012-Dag3 (07-04-2012) Påskeløb2012-Dag3 (07-04-2012)