SM NAT (14-03-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Lille Hareskov
Arrangør: OK Skærmen
Land: Danmark
Disciplin: Night
Distance: 8.38 km
Tid: 65:35
Insecure at start. Several times I do not leave the control in an ordered manner, 1-2 45 degrees error, to three I am in the rigth direction, but everyone else runs to a control further north, so do I.4-5 again, leaving control badly leads to loss of time. 11-12 I should have choosen to go across, but some logging made me choose the longer path. 13-14, I get to high, think I am further than I am and reestablish contact with the map only after loss of two minutes. Rest ok-ish. Confidence at night could be improved.
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SM NAT (14-03-2012) SM NAT (14-03-2012)