BAOC Colllingbourne Wood (22-02-2012)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: Collingbourne Wood
Arrangør: BAOC
Land: UK
Distance: 7.66 km
Tid: 49:57
Very open rather featureless forrest, mostly compass and fast. At 3 I run past the hole, but the real mistake I make at 13 when I think from the control describtion that I should only be at 11, so without real need I go back to 11, which costs all in all a mindbuggling 7:00 minutes of slow insecurity. Light drizzle, but no problems with fogged glasses as the speed is ok. 50:12 for 5.9 which could have been 43:12, speculation, speculation....
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BAOC Colllingbourne Wood (22-02-2012) BAOC Colllingbourne Wood (22-02-2012)