VTR 12-02-2012 (12-02-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gunderup Kohave
Arrangør: Køge OK
Land: DK
Distance: 10.91 km
Tid: 88:44
Snowy, so all white in white. Start out to far to the south, but maybe that was no mistake...To 11 the open area looke not too freindly, so I decide to go through teh forest...on teh way to 13 I get too far to the east, think the forest patch I cross is the one further west. To 16 I expierience whiteout, get too far south and can, in the absence of featues onlæy read back by du to the hill north and teh green south. On the way to 18 there is a fence which is not onthe map and it makes me think if I am at the fenced area further east. From 18 on I run with Janne, who always wins some seconds due to much more accurate orienteering. While I try to get away from him, but he makes it to the finish again some tens of seconds before me. Nice run, but slow in the snow, good to be out, 50 % slower than Kim and 81.48 in total, just below the 10min/km mark.
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VTR 12-02-2012 (12-02-2012) VTR 12-02-2012 (12-02-2012)