Byløb Veddelev 07-02-2012 (07-02-2012)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: Veddelev
Arrangør: OKR
Land: DK
Disciplin: Night
Distance: 9.05 km
Tid: 47:58
Gloriuos cold night with full moon and some snow. Good to be running. Good run, no big problems, but being chased (good for keeping the speed up) means that small things matter (a lot). Two bigger mistakes: I miss to see the path along the fence on the way to 13 (cost at least 30 seconds and means that I meet some guys again, not that it was unpleasant company). At 20 I hang in a bush trying to get to 21, better was the the route to the west. Managed to keep speed most of the time and to check map while running.
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Byløb Veddelev 07-02-2012 (07-02-2012) Byløb Veddelev 07-02-2012 (07-02-2012)