VTR Mortenstrup (22-01-2012)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Mortenstrup
Arrangør: OKR
Distance: 8.91 km
Tid: 70:30
Gennemsnitspuls: 1
Maxpuls: 162
Nice course, with some route choices....running out from control seems still difficult (2), at 3 I was (like a couple of other guys, but one should rather read the map) convinced that the reentrant south of the control was the right one. Routechoice to 10 and 11 would be nice to compare with other runners as I tried to avoid the many waterfilled gullys, at 14 again running out far too much to the east. To 16 I take in a road to early. A bit, but only a bit under 10 min/km with 69,28 mins on 7,0 K.
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VTR Mortenstrup (22-01-2012) VTR Mortenstrup (22-01-2012)