BAOC Wednesday Training (14-12-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Perham Down
Arrangør: BAOC
Land: UK
Distance: 11.39 km
Tid: 89:50
Running after flue/with flue. Too enthusiastic so I chose the long course. Goes ok to 4 then my energy is spent. At 8 I punch the wrong control, always check control code. 10 is in brambels to my delight, as will be 13. At 12 I am tired and wasted. Speed has dropped and i start making many mistakes. Wrong run out from 12, bad routechoice to 11 (better across field, and approach from west). Bad route choice on the long leg (better to the east and along the hedge). No idea where 16 is, looking for it in the green, while it is in the white forest. Wrong directon from 17, here it is just pain....
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BAOC Wednesday Training (14-12-2011)