Natcup (16-11-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Tokkekøb Hegn
Land: DK
Distance: 7.66 km
Tid: 61:45
A possibility to do all the mistakes warned about in the preceeding course. Don't check direction of the road after 10 and believe you run north. Follow wrong heading from butterfly control and end at 9 instead of 5, still show unable to do a proper compass course from 9 to 5. And, yes desperately seek water features, such as getting away from 3. Otherwise rather simple orienteering, many short legs, control at the bottom of an open depression etc. Many runners between the legs. Far too many at control 1, where only one SI unit was set up for everybody....
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Natcup  (16-11-2011)