Jættemilen 2011 part 2 (13-11-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gribskov midt
Land: DK
Distance: 8.88 km
Tid: 78:03
..and still tired....at 30 I seek the cotrol to far to the east, think I can see the road, but it is the vegetation change....bad mistake.
To 33 confused as I think I am more to south and should have passed the moss. Relocation is a minute. To 37 I seek and find the hill. To tired to note that the control is in the shallow. To 40 confused about a fellow runner who confidently turns east. Control is to the west, it takes a few meters before I decide not to stick with the guy.
Tired into teh finish. Better than last year, but still too many mistakes on an easy course.
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Jættemilen 2011 part 2 (13-11-2011)