Jættemilen 2011 (13-11-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gribskov midt
Land: DK
Distance: 11.94 km
Tid: 87:29
Get out ok with the crowd. From 8 to 9 i get the wrong direction, end up at 10 and have to take the penalty. To 11 I think I am in to the west. See other people and think they have punched, so I seek on the wrong hill. To 13 I get irritated by the small moss without a control, think I am to far north, what I am not. To 16 bad route choice, should have taken the save approach as when visiting the control for the first time. To 19 it was faster to go through the green. To 21 the routechoice along the fenced area north was faster. to 24 I get to far south. Tired already and now the map gets turned....
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Jættemilen 2011 (13-11-2011)