Natcup 02/11/2011 (02-11-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gadevang
Arrangør: HIF
Land: DK
Disciplin: NAT
Distance: 7.75 km
Tid: 89:14
More on the terrible side. Start to 1 ok, To 2 I am sure to be at the rigth place, but overlook the control and thus run up and down the drainage. Area is very wet and it is very slow and my glasses produce more fog than there is outside. All the way to 10, okish but slow, specifically too much time in dense, wet areas. Not sure enough to reallt push in many cases. To 11: I am sure, but the post is not to be found. Sould be at the end of the drainage channel, but obvious the interpretation of this is variable, To me it is more on the small path a bit to the east. But finding it takes three approaches, bringing me into the same dense and (sic) wet area. After that slow but ok. To 19 I am sick and tired of more fog on my glasses and more wet stuff and want a (cold) shower, so I use the path around. Maybe this is not such a bad route choice. All the time uncertain of the map. Reading the map is difficult with the light and the wetness (e.g. reading while standing still is not better than reading while running due to fogging of the glasses).. LED light seems to wipe out some of the finer details. Lets hope for better success next time. 1:20 for 5k is a bit dissapointing.
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Natcup 02/11/2011 (02-11-2011)