Klubmesterskapsløb 29-10-2011 (29-10-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Kongsøre Skov
Arrangør: OKR
Land: DK
Distance: 9.36 km
Tid: 68:12
To 3 I chose to run to the east, to avoid the green area. Waterdrops on leaves make that from 3 to 4 my glasses fog, therefor I take the longer way to 5 along paths. To 8 I see the stone on the map late. Small mistake. 12 I expect to be down by the drainage. I know I am south, move north, don't find the control and move along the gully again. Finally spot the control rather a bit away from the drainage. To 13 I get lost completely. I follow compass and end up on a hill, which I believe is the hill northeast from 13 (ignoring that this hill is not in the open). On the map the hill I am on is south of 13 by few meters and overprinted by the circle. Running southwest now takes me completely into garbage, as I stop the glasses fog again, I finally relocate, make it to the hill again and find the control. 5 minutes.
16 takes a bit time as the area is confusing. All in all mostly ok, have to do something against fogging glasses in these conditions. Much more comfortable with orienteering than last time in this forest. 63 minutes for 6.4 km, only a bit below the 10 min/km mark.
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Klubmesterskapsløb 29-10-2011 (29-10-2011)