Efterårsmatchen2011 (23-10-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Ravnsholt
Arrangør: Allerød OK
Land: DK
Distance: 12.37 km
Tid: 89:22
Tried a safe route choice to 1, which was a good idea. 5 to 6 I think I am 100 m furthe to the south, and believe the path I tak is the northern one of the two east west paths. After some confusion that the lake ends unexpectedly i relocate. This costs 3 minutes. From 8 to 9 I get too much south, A bit confused about the open are and do not check compass, two moreminutes gone. From 23 to 24 I loose concentration, take a route to 26, which I find, then think about the numbering....pass 24 a few meters to the south, borders between open and forest are not as clear, 24 is quite a bit in the open area. 26 to 28 seems to have been a good but boring routechoice. All in all a nice run for me, excellent weather, controls not really difficult. 1:29, 5 minutes on mistakes and maybe I manage to run e few minutes faster sometime...9 min/km = 1:21?
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Efterårsmatchen2011 (23-10-2011)