Kredsløb 02.10.2011 (02-10-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gurresø Vest
Arrangør: HSOK
Land: DK
Distance: 13.13 km
Tid: 90:52
to 3 would have been better on north side. Leavin 4 too much to the south. Don't see second path on the way to 8, get confused and think I am further to the west (what I am not), to 10 i run 90 degrees wrong, thing I am on the path that goes to the east. Costs another 4 minutes. 15 is bad to find on tree, rest ok. All in all 10 minutes of bad long mistakes, still don't get under 10 min/km.
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Kredsløb 02.10.2011 (02-10-2011)