Karuselløb 2.08.2011 (02-08-2011)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: Ganløse Egede
Arrangør: Farum OK
Land: DK
Distance: 11.33 km
Tid: 87:29
Too warm, too stressed after work. Some forest work in progress. To 4 should have takeb southern path, but was keen to not run on pathes at that time. Overshoot to 7. To 9 some new path that confused me which goes to the little hut south. to 14, routechoice was ok (alternatively go south) but if it is a top it is bad to search for a depression. To 15: Didn't see thatthe stone was on the up slope, so only checked the downslope...stupid. 20 and 21: A lot of vegetation.
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Karuselløb 2.08.2011 (02-08-2011)