66 Stifinderloeb (01-05-2011)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Tisvilde HEGN
Arrangør: dsr
Land: DK
Distance: 15.57 km
Tid: 122:08
Bad shape and a bit of a cold. Shadowing Leonard for 4k before my own run did not help improving speed. Save routechoice to one, big mess at three, tried compass from the hill 100 m northwest, but messed up repeatedly. 6 to 7 bad route, should have gone more straight. To 8 did fail reading dunes area. To 13 was not sure where I had hit path to the north, Small path to indistinct and led me astray. Rest of run ok, but all in all more on the disaster side.
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66 Stifinderloeb (01-05-2011)