Jukola 2016 Lappeenranta Leg 4 (19-06-2016)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Laivavuori
Land: Finland
Disciplin: Relay
Etape: 4
Distance: 9.84 km
Tid: 91:25
Rain and wet, muddy. Start ok, but slow runningPost 2-3 I have difficulties finding a way down the cliff, should have tried north. To 8 I run past the post, 20 sec. To 10 I loose map contact, do not know exactly where I am Decide I should go north, but post is a few meters to south. Crossing the marsh confused me. To 13 I should have gone straight, but take a small path which leads me to far south past control. Better would have been to climb the small hill west of control. Rest OK. Happy with run, easier than anticipated. 1:31, not yet under 10 mins/km, but closing.
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Jukola 2016 Lappeenranta Leg 4 (19-06-2016) Jukola 2016 Lappeenranta Leg 4 (19-06-2016)