BOK Sommercup 2 A2 (09-06-2016)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Bøndernes Hegn
Arrangør: BOK
Distance: 7.44 km
Tid: 62:06
Unconcentrated run. Am so taken up by other stuff, that I run wrong direction leaving 1 and notice only on the way to 5 that I should maybe punch 4. From 8 to 9 I loose one contact lens in the dense green (has anyone found it? ;-) ), after this slower run, a bit more difficult to read the 13, bad route choice to 14 and 15. Mess up 27 with 21, rest ol, but slower. Some 61 mins in total. But nice forrest, very varied and in great weather!
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BOK Sommercup 2 A2 (09-06-2016) BOK Sommercup 2 A2 (09-06-2016)