HSOKS Påskecup 1 etape Lang (24-03-2016)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gl. Grønholt Vang
Arrangør: HSOK
Land: Denmark
Distance: 9.95 km
Tid: 82:46
Sunny spring weather. Nice forrest. Not too difficult, but get unconcentrated to 6, wait to cross the forrest track...to run uphill, but this one is not very visible in forrestry work...from 7 I take wrong direction, presume I run north, but do run west...Compass??? too long route choice to 9, but safe....to 15 maybe direct route would have been better for the last 500 m. All in all content, but fitness could be better. Slow running.
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HSOKS Påskecup 1 etape Lang (24-03-2016) HSOKS Påskecup 1 etape Lang (24-03-2016)