VTR Sorø Sort Mellem (17-01-2016)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Grydeberg
Distance: 8.9 km
Tid: 79:21
Unconcentrated on strat. Am busy switching GPS on, and have leisurely walked a bit....costs 5 minutes and for teh rest of the course I am (too) afraid to run acrross as the green area around post one is awful (the rest is much more runable, around one some christmas trees had not been sold). Routechoice from 4 is bad for that reason f.x. . At 8 I think I already have to go to the open area...at 16 I imagine to already have crossed the ditch....to 17 would have been better straight...but.... . At 17 I do not really see the tworeentrants, while there are two reentrants further up the slope..all in all slow running, maybe 7 mins on mistakes and 5 minutes on bad route choice...but sunny, wintery and nice.
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VTR Sorø Sort Mellem (17-01-2016) VTR Sorø Sort Mellem (17-01-2016)