THOK Nat Bane 2 (20-10-2015)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: Ravnsholt
Arrangør: Tisvilde OK
Distance: 8.05 km
Tid: 84:27
Season is open! First Night-O. Superb to be in a dark, quiet, fresh and wet forest...Forget GPS, so this is a manually created gps track. Use paths a fair bit. ¤-5 is a bad route choice, should have gone straight, also mess up with the road after 4. To 9 it is difficult to read the open areas. Circle around for 3-4 mins. 14-15 I miss the probably faster route choice south along the path passing 18. 16 difficult to get to....all in all happy with the run.
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THOK Nat Bane 2 (20-10-2015) THOK Nat Bane 2 (20-10-2015)