Klubmesterskap 2015 Bane 2 (26-09-2015)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Kongsøre
Arrangør: Holbæk/OKR
Distance: 8.05 km
Tid: 56:41
Nice day for running. Just back from two weeks of China including dogbite does not help running speed. New contactlenses help for mapreading! To 4 the depression is water filled an I thus think I am more to the east. But no depression to be seen. Turning around after a while reveals the control. Similar at 6, get distracted by some people I think coming from the control. They are searching, like me in the swampy area further west. Rest easy, relatively and ok control of the map. Take few risks and keep to pathes a lot. Ok average speed in the end, rather happy with run.
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Klubmesterskap 2015 Bane 2 (26-09-2015) Klubmesterskap 2015 Bane 2 (26-09-2015)