WMOC LQ2 M45 (30-07-2015)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Lilla Delsjön
Land: Sweden
Disciplin: Long
Distance: 10.51 km
Tid: 114:21
Second qualification. To 1 I decide to run along the cliff, but cliffs in Sweden are not what they seem. Getto far north, hit 2. From 6 to 7 I follow a path, which I believe is the path west of my position. It is not. Between 8 and 9 again my compass direction is bad, bad. I should be going on the north side of the big marsh, but go one chain of hill to far north. 9 is difficult to find on the slope. Rest OK-ish but slow, difficulties in reading map at times (one of my contact lenses is chipped, but as we run in rain, I prefer the contacts over glasses still)
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WMOC LQ2 M45 (30-07-2015) WMOC LQ2 M45 (30-07-2015)