WMOC 2015 Final M45B (01-08-2015)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Distance: 13.08 km
Tid: 152:53
Sweden got at me again. First control I do not understand vegetation...to me the control is in a denser bush...thus I assume I am to much west on first approach. Second control plays tricks with me as well, as there is another cliff where I search....then relatively ok until i enter the marshy area. Get to 10 first, can't make out the path structure, find the control 7 only on reapproach. Then I try to get to 9 by crossing the marsh, but compass directions play havoc with me, I expect to go east and hit the path just west of the lake, get confused and finally find myself at contol 6 again. Rest slow.
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WMOC 2015 Final M45B (01-08-2015) WMOC 2015 Final M45B (01-08-2015)