Divisionsmatch (19-04-2015)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Grønholt Vang
Arrangør: FOK
Land: Denmark
Distance: 8.32 km
Tid: 62:47
Very nice run excellent weather, good forest...only me not concentrated. Distracted to control one by the string course controls that occupy the same space....then I go to 2 by making a 90 read the compass mistake and fatally I miss to go to 3, being sure I should be after that much running going to 4. After that a rather ok run. At 16 there is confusion as there is no open area in front of the lake, actually the open area IS lake...17 suffers from the same maladjustment and a number of fallen trees. Sitting at home it is clear that the post is "up" by 2.5 meters....not to be seen while running. Some minor issues on approaching controls. Maybe all in all 5 minutes mistakes for the controls I have take,...dissapointment as the overall time is not soo bad.
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Divisionsmatch  (19-04-2015) Divisionsmatch  (19-04-2015)