Hamptworth Challenge (12-04-2015)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Hamptworth
Arrangør: Sarum
Land: UK
Distance: 7.67 km
Tid: 61:28
Nice weather, great area....bit complex due to unmapped new forrest roads south of post 15 and a lack of form lines where itmight be good to indicate that one is going down steep. Careful to one, get stuck in Rhododendronto 2...carefull to 3, but there is another control at the end of the thick green (which does not look any different to the light green), which I spot. My control is 20 m back.....after that ok run at times to conservative. Meet another TVOC runner from 7 to 17 with interchanging split wins. At the end I have wasted ca 10 mins on controls 2 and 3, place 21,beaten by Mikhail, but happy with the run and off to the airport....
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Hamptworth Challenge (12-04-2015) Hamptworth Challenge (12-04-2015)