VTR 11-01-2014 Sort Lang (11-01-2015)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Storskoven
Arrangør: Køge OK
Land: Denmark
Distance: 12.14 km
Tid: 109:53
Long run. To 19 I loose contact with the map and get confused as I cannot bring vegetation and ditches into agreement with the map. Also to 15 I mistake the fallen trees from the vegetation change for the dense vegetation. 20 is difficult to see, pass it by less than a meter in DENSE forest. 21 is also a hit it or not control. Rest ok, but slow running.
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VTR 11-01-2014 Sort Lang (11-01-2015) VTR 11-01-2014 Sort Lang (11-01-2015)