Natcup (10-12-2014)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Land: Denmark
Distance: 8.46 km
Tid: 59:59
Nice night. To 3 I suffer from seeing water to the north, I also repeatedly take yellow for green on the map. To4 I thus stay in the nice forest, insteadof using the wide open area which I believe is dense. From 8 to 9 a network of wide rides, can't follow the indistinct path to 9, so back to the road. To 10 eastern route would have been shorter. After 13 I hit the road and convince myself that I should run to 15, bad, bad bad, so I miss 14. 2o I take the save routechoice, it does not loose time. Fast running, more confidence would be good, execution is sometimes to hesitant.
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Natcup  (10-12-2014) Natcup  (10-12-2014)