St. Dyrehave Åben Bane 2 (31-08-2014)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: St Dyrehave Nord
Arrangør: Hillerød FIF
Land: Denmark
Distance: 9.33 km
Tid: 76:27
Excellent course with many route choices. ¤ i leave in wrong direction, to much to west. Approach to 5 is difficult and I get the wrong vegetation boundary get attracted to a wrong control there. Costs 5 mins. To 10 I think I am further north, but actually came rather much around the lake. To 10 I arrive at another crossing over a ditch than the one on the map, think I have to go right from there as I believe I am at the bridge further south. This and unclear vegetation (control is actually in a rather open area with scattered trees) make me insecure. Rest rather okish. Running still slow.
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St. Dyrehave Åben Bane 2 (31-08-2014) St. Dyrehave Åben Bane 2 (31-08-2014)