Roskilde 3dages - dag 3 - bane 2 (26-08-2014)
Kategori: Konkurrence
Kort/område: Gyldenløves Høj
Arrangør: OKRoskilde
Land: DK
Distance: 6.76 km
Tid: 53:24
Running out of competition (did set out controls, including 2,3, 4 on my course, but they are not really recognizable when coming from another direction). Run is ok, slower and less pushing as not really competing. Biggest "mistake" is to post 13. The last 5 posts I have been in front and behind another runner. He chooses the sensible route from 12 to 13, going to the northeast corner of the fenced area and than straigth north. Seeing this I try to make out the rather overgrown vegetation density boundaries and fail miserably, what cost 4 minutes.
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Roskilde 3dages - dag 3 - bane 2 (26-08-2014) Roskilde 3dages - dag 3 - bane 2 (26-08-2014)