VTR 16-02-2014 (16-02-2014)
Kategori: Træning
Kort/område: Vallø Strorskov
Arrangør: Køge OK
Land: Denmark
Distance: 5.16 km
Tid: 39:47
Fine course for a flat forest. I still run sloooow, but ok. Careful to control 1, the easy route. To 4 I get confused with the large way already turning west, I also mean to see a hunting tower--which is a chalked tree. So I go in to early and get confused, loose contact with map. To 7 I chose the way around, which is not so good a routechoice to 9. (Now the GPS is finally on) Bigger problems to 13. I am too far west, have misjudged the dense forest, 14 is were it should be, but going back to 13 proves tedious, 13 is closer to the way. Rest ok, a bit wet and a bit deep in the ditches.
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VTR 16-02-2014 (16-02-2014) VTR 16-02-2014 (16-02-2014)